Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and Cyberpunk (brainstorming)

Holy shit what a mix. Let’s see what we get…



I drove my truck up behind the black transport truck and got out. I got a look at the driver in her side mirror. A tall Amazon with red hair and a gerudo tattoo on her arm sent off red flags in my head.

Fucking Gannon’s people were coming in.

I took one fucking step out of my car and then the fucker took off down the streets of Hyrule. Shit.

I jumped back in my ride turned on my siren and took off for the transporter. My computer in my ride started up. I glanced over at the image of my father on the screen glaring at me.

“Zelda. What the fuck are you doing chasing that transporter? It’s not your bust.”

I shrugged. “It’s Hyrule Kingdom business. The driver is a Gerudo. The truck has no tags. He’s either taken something or the truck driver is headed for the castle.”

“Shit. Back off the truck’s in the west region. I’m sending in the Cash to deal with it.”

I shook my head. “Fuck that. He’s just a kid. I can handle it. Just send units to the castle for protection. My unit will handle it.”

Suddenly, a blue Hyrule Police cycle pulled up to my side. A bond haired cowboy smiled at me. “Hey, Princess. You need assistance?” Link Cash said to me with a handsome smile.

“I got it Cash. Back off. It’s Hyrule security business.” I said.

His expression changed. “Gannon?! Shit. I got it back off.”

I flipped him. As I  drove on ahead and raced to the side of the truck and rammed into the side of building. The driver get out of her truck and leaped on to my truck dragged me out and threw me five feet to the street.

I landed on the ground hard but my body armor took must of the damage. The bitch came at me fast.

Shit. I got out my piece and fired at her. She dodged my shots like bees. Her eyes glowed gold. The fuck? Shit! She had leg and eyes enhancements.

Suddenly, Cash was in front of me with the master’s sword in his hand and riot shield. The gerudo female leaped on him like a giant…well like a fucking amazon but Cash rebounded her attack with his shield sending her flying back into the front of her truck.

Cash helped me to my feet as the Gerudo got up and sent a lighting attack at him with her fingers.

Shit. I got in front of him blocking the attack with my light energy shield. The light blinded the gerudo from our view until it faded ten seconds later and we saw her gone.

“Shit, princess. King Tango is going to be pissed at you for getting yourself almost killed. Luckily he’ll give me a medal for saving your pretty ass.”

I turned to him. Cash had that stupid sexy shit eating grin on his face that made me want to slap him or take him for a ride on a hotel room bed to see if he was all bullshit. “Fuck you, Cash.”

Hmmm. Wow. This is just wow.

Warm Regards



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