Culture war theories:Western culture storytelling vs The Empire of Disney

Disney is a goble company with no ties or loyalties to The West only money to be made from western culture and pissing on the fables and legacy storytelling of The West.

Fuck. They can’t even tell a half assed Mullan story without shitting the bed with The East and The West.

Why though? They own the fables and stories of the West, right?! They own the rich creative properties of the past, right?!

How the fuck can you own the heroes journey or western culture storytelling?!

Still though, they own the art but have zero respect for the traditions and legacy or history of the art. How do I know this?

Is Ray of the Star Wars Disney movies a bad bitch? Is she sexy? Does Ray have a heroic story arc that is classic to western female characters of the 70s, 80s or 90s female characters in movies at least?

Ray? I think of her as a sex less nun at best or a big headed alien the universe is centered around.

Mullan, 2020. Is that movie on pair with Eastern female archetypes? Is it even using fantasy in a way that is indicative of asian females.

I made the state in passing that Star Wars is dead in a previous blog. Commercial wise yes but it was also a call to say it’s time to create the next legacy that is callback to Flash Gordon and heros journey or in my case Tango & Cash meets Highlander.

Warm Regards


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