Is Technocrat Bill Gates Valentine from Kingsman? I think so. #overlordtheories

I remember reading this dude’s book in the ninties and What a interesting person.

Over the years I heard some wild shit about him over the interwebs. Now I’m thinking…wow. This fucker has to much power.


Technocrat. Guardiandogg diffinition: A mother fucker that has some control over the internet, technology and the ears of world leaders.

In other words. A fucking king or Queen of the 21st century. But nobody says it out loud.

Bill Gates is a rich powerful overlord mother fucker. No bullshit. He’s a card carrying goble dumbass (we are the world peace la doe tree fucking bullshiting atheist) that believes that we should decrease world population. It’s a belief he really does have based on science shit and some bullshit. Did I mention he’s got money and power?

Hmm. Does any of this shit sound like it’s from a fucking movie?

Kingsman the first movie is a fantasy bullshit movie and the book was better. But, in real life if you had money and you were a smart overlord with a god complex wouldn’t you figure out a way to make dumbasses kiss your ass for the honor to kill themselves?

I’m a realist and the more money and power you have just means the more time you have to fuck with people instead of fucking a hot chicka on a table.

Fucker has to much power and money. He hasn’t worked an honest CEO job in fucking decades. He’s been running his mouth and running a goble fucking “charity”. To much fucking time on his hands but that isn’t the major issue with him I have….

He’s a fucking Boomer my dude.

A fucking Bommer on TV tellling me what the fuck I should put in my body and do with my life. Fuck that noise.

Warm Regards



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