Big dick envy it’s real and I don’t understand it?

Even when I was a pussy I didn’t or couldn’t understand the shit. I would see it in other dudes throwing shade on other dudes and angry at a Chad for being well…a Chad but again I couldn’t rock with it still can’t.

Besides the whole self pity with a side of Jack Daniel’s my Black Rambo skin folk have an equal amount of envy jealous fury for shit kicking Chads, an Academic Bruce Lee Chad and other Black Rambos.

The shit is funny now because I can admit to myself but it can also be quite…hallarious.

Holy shot.

You can see coming in a dude when starts talking about sports and Chad comes into the mix. They try to play it cool but then the mild shade comes into the mix targeted on a Chad.

Big dick envy comes into the mix. Black Rambo never cries unless it’s to get some money, he’s a pussy or well his addicted to dick.

Black Rambo puts up a tough front and bitches like a five year old about the Chad in question. Some may confuse this to be rage or angry outburst but you know when it’s bitching when the subject matter has got something to do with a Chad and a big dick.

Strangly though I’ve never seen or heard a Puerto Rican Cassinova bitch about a Chad….I wonder why? Maybe, I don’t know enough Puerto Ricans Cassinovas?

Warm Regards



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