A bastardiced version of Powerpuff girls live action is coming. Nobody asked for the shit but CW provides it for you. Holy shit!

Hello, I’m guardiandogg and I’m American Highlander bad ass nerd. Now that’s out of the way.

I love the OG powerpuff girls. Pure 90s cheesecake cartoon shit. Big heads included my dude. Fucking CW is making some bullshit live action shit of Powerpuff girls.

The bullshit cometh. The fucking show already looks like a big mac shit sandwich with no fries just a milk shake of piss. Fucking buttercup is a black power princess.

Holy shit.

Everybody knows fucking buttercup is an asian barbie land princess.

Holy shit.


Holy mother fucking bitch!

The 90s was a throw back to the 80s and now 2000s, 2010s, 2020s is a bizarre world of a throw back to creative mainstream shows going into the shitter.

What the fuck is in the water these brain dead western assholes drink…




Look my dude all joking aside. It is looking to be a lovely Monday morning in shit kicking Texas enjoy your day and go watch the OG powerpuff girls for a laugh at my silly ass.

Warm Regards



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