Let’s brainstorm…okay star wars is dead. Let’s take Highlander, Thundercats, roin warriors and Covid vaccine…here we go.

This is going to be a weird one.


The quickening

December 25, 2020

God Empeor George

I listened to the reports that my advicers were giving me on the progress of the invasion of earth. It sounded like everything was going easily according to plan. The U.S.A was headed to a down turn with the puppet leader Biden being put in place and the eastern countries were all fucking with each other to notice our people coming into their lands. Countries would fall, mortals would die and the empire would gain new slaves to advance our great ambitions.

All was shaping up but for one thing. One big event that took place.

Change. Nothing ruined a well organized plan like it. The fools in power didn’t see it but it was happening.

My advicers were down playing it to me to play kiss ass. But, I was fucking awake.

“Are you sure you can get eighty percent of earths population to take it before the change takes place in Gen Y and Z?”

They were quiet. My eyes were on a digital display of earths populated areas. The silence lasted to damn long. It let me know they didn’t know shit for sure so they were going to bullshit me.

“Emperor the projections are in place and the science is with us. Negating that fact the vaccines are only the means of the first strike to stop anymore proceeding quickening.”

Damnnation and back. The quickenings were happening already. Holy shit. Damn it. They failed to mentioned that before now. It had been a mistake to reasure me. I had to get my War lords to earth to hunt down the ones that were changing into roins. Last time I acted to slow I had to wipe out a whole fucking race of warrior cat humans.

I couldn’t afford to that shit again. The empire needed slaves, warriors and concubines.

I nodded. “Send Arrow and his brothers to North America to over see vaccinations for next year. They should-” I paused as I watched a communications station blimp out. It could have been a power outtage but I knew that was bullshit. That station was well guarded and protected.

I brought up a sky image of a few minutes ago in earth time of the location. Five black armed soldiers invaded the compound and with less then an hour escaped but not before setting the building on fire.

Hmm. “The blue states are under control it’s time we stomped Texas and Florida into submission.”

“We’ll do Emperor.”

I started at the area on the digital screen the power station went out. Waco, Texas.

I don’t know? It might shape up to be a good story but then again not much here but a question. What the fuck is going on?

Warm Regards



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