Art. Real art from movies, comics paintings is supposed to speak to you back what is true.

I believe that shit to my immortal American Highlander soul. Real art is supposed to call to that side of you that was passed down to you in your blood in your culture.

Art is supposed to mirror back to you what is true. Western art. Again for us we have a saying….the Good, the Beautiful and the True.

Matt Damon is a Pimp cocain liberal asshole to his core. Fucker shook hands with fucking elite gangster assholes and has a card that shows you the date when he took the ticket however….

Goodwill Hunting is a fucking work of art my friend. Nothing he’s done sense can top it in my estimation. The fucking words. The fucking moments of truth about how fucking people act from cultural standing and the inner demons of fear some of us have to dual with on the regular…holy shit.

I watched that shit almost as much as I watched GroundHog Day. GHD is still better. Goodwill hunting though. That shit spoke to me. That shit had a scent of beauty and truth.

I remember the words like quotes from the books of legends past. Goodwill Hunting is art to me. It’s of a kind the type of art I dream of crafting in words and feeling.

Warm Regards



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