An Ode to Ground Hog Day

Yeah. I watched this shit waaaay to much!

But, the reason being. I love this movie.

Phil cycles through his life in repeats and reruns. This is way before he enters the day of repeats into forever in a single day.

He starts his journey from confusion to acceptance to degenerate behaviors all converging into a metaphorical shitter of lost hopes and depression.

He can do anything he wants but he can’t find his way to capturing, stealing, or sucking happiness out of the mortal men and women that live in a state of it in the moment.

His journey. Is our journey. The road to wonderland. The road to Oz. The road to happy thoughts and living, just living.

It began with one knee downward touching the ground..humility.

Honesty. Virtue. Wisdom. Truth. The noble virtues. Happiness came and in that happiness change came and like the laughter of a child draws your attention love was finally attrached and made a bid for his heart.

Holy shit. Hot damn! What a good movie.

Warm Regards



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