You know I watched the 1987, movie Grease as a kid and think that’s were my 5’5 shorty addiction took hold.

I just had this thought like why the fuck did I like the movie Grease as a kid. Was it the cartoon intro? The romantic bullshit Prologue?

Nope. It was the fucking blond 5’6 chicka with the vocals. Don’t give a damn about the story my dude. Was there a story? It all seemed like a bunch music numbers and bullshiting.

Hold up!

I remember one thing that pissed me the fuck off about the movie from the jump. Danny’s friends? Those mother fuckers was fucking cuck blocking Danny from working Sandy up to the idea of sex and him actually liking her as a damn person. That bullshit fucked with me as a kid. Danny didn’t need no damn help and they fucked with his mind and macing pace.

Anyway, I liked Sandy from the jump and I could enjoy her singing. She’s a good girl the kind you pick up and put on a nice bed.

That shit turned around in the end though. She turned in to a bad bitch. The kind you put on table and claim that bitch as your own.

I was ten or twelve at the time. Fuck I know when and I was looking at my parents coffee table and wondering hmm.

Hot damn. That bitch was fine back in the day. She’s in her seventy’s now and married.

Yep. She’s in her seventies. She’s got a beautiful daughter to damn tall though. Damn. She was a fine chicka. Hmm.

Anyway, have a good day.

Warm Regards



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