Should a man seek to be a pimp instead of a simp? That’s like saying should a man seek to be a cult leader instead of cult member? #FuckedUpShit

What the fuck my dude? I grew up with Highlander movies and Cobra. It used to be enough for a man to be a bad ass. Shit.

Come on my dude. This shit isn’t hard. A pimp is no different from a fucking slave owner who beats his slaves, works his slaves and fucks his slaves. Jim Jones did the same bullshit too until he bought into his own bullshit.

A simp. Holy shit! A dude that worships females. Holy shit.. You don’t worship a female. You put that bitch on a table and give her the hammer treatment with a Sunday surprise if she acts right.

The notion of dude worshipping a female any female. Holy shit. For female bullshit alone no female is worth bowing down to but I have met some females worth flipping off or giving a legal spanking in court.

No my dude. You must be you have to be a mother fucking bad ass.

Pimping?! The idea of dealing with female bullshit on the regular is crazy to me. That type of dude maybe loves pussy and money more then he loves being sane and free from an endless supply of female bullshit.

Warm Regards



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