You remember that time Jeffrey Epstein “killed himself” in jail and we all laughed.

I’m telling you my dude. I almost pissed myself in laughter the minute I heard the bitch Jackel ass killed himself in prison. But, that wasn’t the funny part.

The funny part was watching the news, and the government talking heads and assholes with money all agree that he killed himself. Why? Because felt remorse? He didn’t want to go to prison?

Holy shit.

This piece of fucking burning shit was fucking with women and girls for years. The law did nothing to stop him and anybody with money or brain knew that bitch was dirty.

Holy shit.

The minutes. The hours. The seconds. The day this bitch went down we knew this bitch is really going down.

We all didn’t know how fucking funny it was going to be though.

Fucking dumbasses thought his bitch ass was going to prison. Holy shit.

I am fucking crying just writing this shit and thinking back to the day he was found dead. Today his death be came a meme for he got epsteined

Payback came late but mother fucker, one mother fucking evil son of bitch died a rip roaring death. Holy shit what a day.

Warm Regards


P. S.

All my Black Rambo skin folk were counting down the days and bitch it was a natural holiday of laughter, cookouts and brotherly love. Holy shit!

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