Brain storming..1990s tomorrow people, urban fantasy. Maybe, Cyberpunk? Let’s roll the dice.

Okay long story short. I hate CW. They got some bullshit tomorrow people show. Is it canceled yet? No. Don’t tell me. I’m doing something different and more fun an alternate 1990s corny and Urban fantasy and maybe Cyberpunk.

Kevin Grey

Prologue: The island


I smelled the sand first before I awoke with a shit kicking headache. What the fuck?

I came to my feet to discover I was on an island. It was the island. The point of orgin.

I frowned at that thought and knowledge. How the fuck did I know that. I got to my feet brushing the sand off my jeans and shirt. I pulled back my hair from my face and looked around as I made my way toward…the entrance.

Yeah the entrance had to be twenty four paces from the shore. North straight on ahead.

The knowledge was coming to my mind fast now. I was being pulled to the place. I looked around wondering where Kevin and Lisa were and then wondering who the hell were Kevin and Lisa.

I wasn’t the first to awaken. Why the hell was I here before everyone else?

To many questions. It would take time to manage the flow of information coming at me. I remembered just a few hours ago being in a fight with my ex girlfriend about the guy at work she was thinking of fucking. She had planned the whole shit out.

I had asked her to move out because the shit was beginning to be to much. I had started hearing her think the shit and I was seeing her imagination of them fucking. She had given me endless denials and the spells she tried on me to make me forget or ignore what I heard from her mind. Magic was bullshit. It never had any effect on me though I had been told all my life my mind was powered by it.

I had had enough when she bought some panties for the special day.

I had packed my shit got in my car and drove off. I didn’t know where.

The crash. That’s what happened. Some asshole had ran into my car purposely and then another car hit me from the front and then before I realized I couldn’t hear their thoughts they open fired on my car.

One bad thing after another in my fucked up life. First my parents dying in a car crash now, my girlfriend cheating on me and I was about to die. I just wanted to go home. Pain. Energy. Both hit my body and then I woke up on the beach. No. I woke up. Home. I was home.

I stopped as I got to the entrance of the orgin’s core. I dropped to my knees and dug for a few minutes until the circle entrance lite up and a passaged opened. I was sucked inside to the core.

A bit long but I like it.

Warm Regards



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