Song of the day…Snake Plissken theme song

If it has not escaped your notice I do have a bit of a warm affection for action movies..

Escape from L.A is one of my favorites. There are many scenes and musical numbers that come to my mind from the movie but one scene stands and song is cemented in my head. It’s the Snake Plissken suit up scene.

The cheese and dominance in the scene is good shit. What does the song feel like?

It sounds like a bad ass suiting up to kick some ass. The sounds my dude. You ain’t going to ballroom for a dance. You going to yard to stomp some ass with shit kicking boots. The bass rift. The right tone. The right emotion. You know what it is my dude.

Action bullshit fine art my dude. Put the shit on when your getting ready to out to work. Don’t tell the shit doesn’t lighten you mood and get your mindset right.

Warm Regards



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