Another Monday morning reflections on change

I got old videos on YouTube and no this isn’t a plug it’s just an opener to a thought…

Yeah. I got videos on YouTube three years old and I can’t even look at the shit now without thinking….

Who the fuck is that dude?

My looks haven’t changed that much from when I was sixteen but the man in the video is a world a way from how I am now and the life I live now.

Death and taxes.

Those are the two words best summarize the leap from pussy to American Highlander.

I got experiences and lost notebooks of a past I can’t reclaim. I have regrets and a hundred mistakes.

You see me on street I would appear to be like a college kid heading to school. Internally, it’s a mixed bag of ancient thoughts and proverbs and reflections on modern times and Kung Fu flicks and 80s movies.

My mannerisums are defined by traditions of civil gentlemenly behavior and black rambo instincts. I feel sixteen the only aches and pain I feel occasionally is from work and exercise and I got a six pack.

I reflect on all this from time to time and I want to pass on the wisdom I have learned so far. Two years ago I was drowning in fear and conflict today very few things shake me up or piss me off. What will tomorrow bring? Conflict and trouble for sure and maybe something surprisingly funny.

The ride doesn’t end end my friends. Strap in and ride this mother fucker until the end.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards



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