I heard some shit about Crept Keeper Joe and the 2nd Amendment. My thoughts..Holy Shit he’s still alive!

Real talk my dude it’s any day now. They’re pumping that old fucker with as much drugs to keep him going as they can..the fucker won’t last long.

Now about the 2nd Amendment. Short story. Crept Keeper Joe is going after fire arms to d-arm the population from before the coming up raising against the monoparty in charge.

The problem is my dude. This is 2021 and not 1789, when Joe Biden was a youngster in short pants. Mother fucker do you how much guns are here in the U.S.A that gets lost in woods on a hunting trip and shit that gets handed down from father to son. Holy shit.

They say ammunition is at a high. Mother fucker I’ve been thinking about learning how to make bullets with a basic ammunition kit. I fucking know I can get that shit at a discount on Amazon, my dude.

Real talk. I’m in Texas and my give a damn meter isn’t moving. Do I have guns? Mother fucker I’m an American Highlander. I prefer swords and none of your damn business how many guns I got. I got dominace and big dick energy. I’m been ready for whatever on a dime…ya heard me?

The changes my dude. It ain’t like it was when we weren’t in a silent civil war. The states aren’t as united and with a mass increase in dumbasses no one really notices Joe Bentley arming up with a tomahawk and Saturday night special surprise.

Crept Keeper Joe. Holy Shit. A hundred years from now I can’t wait to read the fucking lies about his ass…if he will be recorded that is it will only be a footnote in the last breathes of the Federal united states of dumbasses.

Holy shit!

Holy mother fucking Shit!

The fucking ride doesn’t end!

Warm Regards



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