Hot damn! I’m feeling good today time to share around..

Hot damn! What a time to be alive my friends. The weird bullshit that is political or otherwise. The sun is shining the birds are singing and every damn day I breath in sweet air with lungs that work I feel like a blesses sum-a-bitch just to not be in cave of despair or in a bad mood.

Yes, it’s my day off and after I get done with wash the pants are coming off and I’m kicking back and playing videos but all the same…hot damn. I feel fucking good.

Look to your life. The child that bares your smile. The day that aches less because you don’t have to endure suffering in life’s regrets for a moment. Some are blessed not to have tasted bitterness of life’s dark days. Put a smile on your face and embrace one day with laughter and joy because tomorrow is not promised to us. If nothing else steal some of the joy I have right not and…

Watch Smokey and and the Bandit. Hot damn! What a movie.

Warm Regards



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