Who the hell is this guy? That’s the question I’m asking myself about a charecter I’m writing about (writing craft)

I’ve been writing stories and poetry for a long damn time. Not more then the greats but more then the average asshole that wishes a upon a star and then doesn’t do the work to craft a bridge to never never land. Yet, I find myself writing about a man that is light years smarter and practical then me and I find a interested to know more so I write more and throw more at him to see how he reacts and I am surprised every time.

I’m not trying to shine on my own shit or say I am reaching a stage of brilliance..none of that is hitting the mark. I just have a question for myself or rather to you my fellow writers and lovers of the song language and writen word.

Have you ever found yourself wondering upon the discovery of a character’s thoughts on digital screen or notepad…

Who the hell is this guy?

There is nothing new under the sun. We all gather our materials from somewhere in this world in our interactions with people in our own dreams to write or to paint.

I have an idea of where I could have gathered an idea for this charecter now upon digging through my thoughts in this post. One man or concept of man comes to mind. The Sigma who deals in strategy and mystery.

But again that is one piece of a personality type. The man I’m writing about is complicated piece of a man that exists in fictional world I had not even intended to make. I started with a charecter and world built itself around the charecter or once the charecter is established how he is reflects the world he is piece of.

I find this stuff wonderfully amazing. The craft or art of writing. I’m still learning and I’m surprised by it.

Warm Regards



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