Song of the day Roll the Bones by Shakey Graves

This is the version I like for now. If you know anything about Shakey it’s this…he is the music. It doesn’t matter what song you hear at one time that same song can change depending on his mood and the flow he’s in that moment.

He’s very much a proformance musician/artist.

The version of Roll the Bones I like has that flow and feel of texas days on the roads. What does Roll the Bones feel like….

Day to day. I roll the bones with my Life on these strange and twisting Roads. Never complete. Always Changing. Chance and happenstance Can happen. On a dime. On a whim. These roads I travel on change with The seasons and temperment of the Masses. These roads I travel on are a Kin to the roads I grew up on. These Country roads. These texas roads. I Roll the bones.

Warm Regards



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