Poetic argument that Iron Man is a more orginal Sigma Charecter then Batman

I’m flying into the discourse at the rate of 70 miles and climbing. Go with me on my journey as ride this idea down a road of nerdness.

Sigma is a dominant, loner, badass. That can be a leader but is comfortable doing his own thing.

Both charecters fit the mold to a mother fucking S but one of the charecters is an out right ripoff of an Original.

For those not in the know. Batman is a more watered down version of the Shadow. The very concepts, bad guys and storylines ripped from previous stories and radio shows of the man the myth the legend The Shadow.

What does Batman have over all to distinguish him. He’s smart, he has money and gadgets made by other people smarter then him. He does have an element of darkness that he uses to invoke fear into the hearts of men. That’s it.

Iron Man however….I would say is a charecter of his own making. One whose mind is and imagining are what makes him what he is. His weapons, his tools, his creativity and his faults all add to the believably nature of said man.

Born from wealth. An orphan and talented. You could say he didn’t earn his money in his adulthood but that would be horseshit.

It’s his mind. His mind and talent, skills, confidence, dominance and motivations that make him who he is. He doesn’t have powers. What he brings to a fight is his intelligence, knowledge and will.

The thing that made the first Iron Man of early two thousands memorable and good was the fact Tony Stark didn’t hide who and what he was…the mother fucker owned it and refused to live a lie.

Batman lies about who he is when he puts on the mask of Bruce Wane for some reason….we buy it some how but Iron Man.

No way my dude. That bad ass owns it, enjoys it and does not lie about being Iron Man….remember the quote from the original trailer.

I am Iron Man.

Warm Regards



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