You remember that time Eminem got away with raping about taking pills on MTV #FuckedUpShit

Long long long time ago. No joke this wizard asshole got away with having a whole fucking video about getting high on Pills on TV.  Of course they took the shit off and pretended the shit never happened but not before I saw and sang along as a youngester.

The shit is catchy and you can sing right along it without in part knowing what the fuck your singing or rapping to.

I still remembered the fucking video my dude. It was…well everything that incorporated about the song. Cocain dreaming. Eminem got a group of rappers together D12…I believe and started a short lived band.

Holy shit.

This is back in the day when we had more literate assholes that pretended to give a damn. Now…well it’s kinda boring. All I hear from modern rappers is low energy talk that is about well the same shit. Me fucking. Me get money. Me fuck your mommy and all that bullshit. Honestly fuckers had more fucking energy talking about getting rich or being not the fucker to be fucked with in the day.

But…I’m just an old fuck don’t mind me none.

Oh modern rap is shit.

Warm Regards


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