Seth Rogan…Paper Airplanes by M.I.A is the song that perfectly illustrates him and his movies

Holy shit…the song came to me as I was looking for a song for the day but the song is so mother fucking nutball crazy it makes Weird science seem sane.

First time I saw the trailer for Pineapple Express the song hocked me and not for a good reason. It’s like a brain fart coming out of someone elses mind and filling your head with a weird feeling of money and unicorns that fart out rainbows.

I thought about Seth Rogan then and all his weird nut ball movies. They all have that weird feeling of being high and the fucking pounding headache the day after and feeling of why did I smoke see that shit…that shit movie.

(I’m stone cold sober by the way. I never smoked weed. Really I never have.)

Anyway, what the fuck was my point?

Seth Rogan! Yeah. How the fuck did ever get famous??

Warm Regards



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