China 🇨🇳 the country nobody wants to fuck with because everybody woes them I.O.U’s

It’s not really a secret my dude. Think about it from a micro level.

Example. George Simp has a dude in his life that he tends to borrow a lot of cash from because he’s shit with money at times meaning he has a gold digging girlfriend that won’t fuck him.

Let’s call the dude Chris China or Mr. China. He doesn’t ask for money back my dude. He don’t even say much to George about when he going to get his fucking cash..he just askes George don’t say shit to him about his shit or wife.

George had a friend Big T he was trying to help him money wise. George had a falling out with Big T because he got jealous of his big dick or some bullshit. Mr. China comes up to George and tells him he’s tired of seeing his face in his neighborhood so he tells George to fuck off. George being a simp, fucks off and ask Mr. China for six grand while he goes.

A bit of a long bullshit way of saying we’re screwed but it is what it is.

Why aren’t you worried?

I laugh. Mr. China has probelms of his own to worry about his beta bitch simp problem in his neighborhood is growing and fuckers got debts of his own past due.

So why is George fucking with Big Dick Russia? George’s girlfriend is all behind the shit. Her name trickie Trotskyite. Mr. Russia dumped her ass years ago and the bitch is still sore about it.

Warm Regards



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