Back buttom conservative hoes hate Mother Russia…why? The fuck I know let’s theorize!

Listen any time is a good time to fuck with neo liberal conservatives or as I like to call them back buttom conservative hoes.

The war drums are sounding off for the back buttom conservative hoes to make a bid at fucking with Russia.

How do I know this? All roads lead to fuckers talking about shit in the Ukraine. Now you and I don’t give a fuck on the real who is even taking a shit in the Ukraine but apparently back buttom conservative hoes do if it could get them into a fight/war/bullshit with Russia.

No word from silent Pimp cocain Democrats on it. Why? Wars good for the pimping business my dude.

Also remember the rule…if pimp cocain Democrats and conservative hoes are joining hands or fucking in bed together then you know whose getting fucked…


This sex addiction the fuckers have with war is something that is both bizarre to me and weirdly funny. I just wish a upon a star to be in a room with Crept Keeper Joe and ask him when he first busted his first nut starting a fucking war..was it before he sold secrets to china or did he always have a weird fetish for starting world worlds for fun.

This is the shit I think about you.

Warm Regards



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