Cyberpunk morning 5…brainstorming

Okay…let’s take a Nomads with a twist of A Time To Kill and mix of Mad Max..hmm. let’s go.



I got the report that Jonny was dead not from the city station but a next from the clan elder telling me to come home. I was barely awake or had time to cope with my brother being dead. I took a few seconds and then I got out of bed. I would need to get the body ready for travel to the Wild Lands. To home.

I got out of bed and washed up. I was out of my apartment and hitting the street with side piece on my side.

Hmmm…add some action.

Ch ?


Peter gave me the long look as I got out of the train as they unloaded the body. I knew what he wanted to know.

The elder and the rest of my brothers were all wondering. I sighed. “I have to find out who did it first. It would save me time and mess with the cops if we can get a name. I’m a runner and I have a license to terminate on the request of a-“

Peter took me in a hug. He kissed my temple. “Thank you.” He said.

I patted his back. “We’ll get em brother. Eye for an eye.”

“Tooth for a tooth. No mother kills one of our own without punishment.” Peter said.

Hot damn! I got something here..

Warm Regards



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