An Ode to Tango & Cash

In a time of crime and assholes running drugs and ruling the streets two bad ass cops stood against these evil mother fuckers.

Tango & Cash.

From east side of town to the west they were giving assholes the business. Until the asshole drug Lords got a mind to instead of killing them they sent them to jail as a perfect means of killing em dead…

Holy shit. The set up, the jail break and the revenge quest…

It’s not all good on the weird shit story front but what are the rules in action movie…fuck the story the shit is fun and has action

It was the last nut buster of the 80s. The pacing my dude on the movie front is amazing. It never slows down or out lives it’s welcome it’s one scene to the next. This isn’t a review it’s a ode to shit kickers and check cashiers.

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