Cyberpunk morning…brainstorming session

Setting cyberpunk 2084. Eddie Williams Rockerboy (Bard) has a problem and needs a runner to help him out of a jam.


You need a Runner?

I stared at the message on dashboard of my hover bike.  Eddie Rocker Boy Williams needed a Burma burger in ten minutes or less. Two part job.

I hit the confirm order on my touch pad and got the order. Holy shit!

The street light turned green and I leaned forward and sped down the street. I pulled up on one wheel and hit the turbo launching my bike into the skyway. I muscled my way into traffic and got flipped off by a soccer mom in a blue van.

I returned the jester before I took a turn and dived down in a spot by the Burma burger shop. I got hunks and cursed out but I ignored them as I sent my order in on my phone while in line.

I got to the front in five minutes. I needed to haul ass. There was a pretty girl with my order and a detapad out for me to put my bank card on. I reached out and put my bank information in by hand.

You never knew what asshole hacker was just waiting to get a easy scan of your card number. I grabbed the bag and gave the girl a kiss on the lips as she leaned out the window.

I was off and made to Eddie’s studio. Rocker Boy Inc.

I parked on street level and Eddie was standing outside waiting with Gino Fish the Drummer for his band beside him.

Eddie had long silver blue hair, dressed in a jean jacket and jeans with boots on. He eyed me and his old time piece watch on his wrist.

“Your pretty fast, Slick. You must be banging some Chicka at Burma.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I am. I got your burger. What’s your second parter?”

“My what?” He asked.

“Your ordered a two part job. The burger is the first part what’s the second?” I asked and handed him the takeout bag.

Eddie took the bag got the burger out and handed it to Gino. Gino took the burger in his massive hand and took a bite and smiled and nodded to me. His jade eyes danced with delight.

“goddamn son. That shit is warm and good.” He said and threw me a detapad.

I caught it and put it in my messenger bag. “Is it a drop off then?”

Gino shook his head cewing on his burger. “Drop off and pickup. You drop off the pad and pick up a girl.”

I stared at him. “Your girl or Eddie’s girl?”

Gino stared at me. “My girl. I got a picture-“

I shook my head. “I know what your old lady looks like. I’m a fan.” I said.

Gino rolled his eyes. “How big of a fan? Enough to try and fuck her?”

I snorted. “Enough to know you would know and kill me. I got a girl and your lady is old enough to be my mother.”

Gino frowned and stared at me. “How old are you slick?”

“Eighteen.” I lied. It was a half a lie I would eighteen in two months.

“Shit.” Gino said. “Do you even know how to use a piece?”

“Yes I do and I always carry for jobs like this one. I’m good Gino. I’ll get your girl back.”

Eddie snorted. “Hot shit alive. Ain’t this some shit. Alright Slick. It’s just a simple job. We got business and shit to get down before tonight’s show. Get Gino’s girl back here in under twenty-four hours and I’ll give you a guitar of mean as a bonus.”

Holy shit. I kept my face calm. I nodded and got on my bike. A rocker’s guitar. Holy shit. I was making bank tonight.

Hmm. Damn. This is looking good.

Warm Regards



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