Cyberpunk morning 3 brainstorming

Cyberpunk 2084 setting..alright corporate decker Leon Kendrick takes a leave of absence to find missing his brother Charlie.



Marcus Roy was quiet when I told him I needed to take some vacation time. He stared at me.

“What’s wrong? This isn’t like you to skip out on a big assignment when it’s presented to you. The bank of Newark needs test trials for their cybor security done by this month. You are the head of the project.”

“My brother has gone missing. It isn’t like last time. He always picks up my calls. It’s been two days. I need to hunt for him.” I said calmly laying it all out.

Marcus sighed but nodded. “I understand but you are not a detective or Runner. You need assistance. Have you contacted internal security for assistance?”

I leaned back in my chair. “This is a personal matter Marcus. I don’t want to use up company resources when I’m not sure if I will find him alive.” I said finally admiting it.

Charlie was a fuck up. He was my only brother and I loved him. He raised me looked out for me but that didn’t change what he was. He was always getting into some shit.

Marcus stared at me. “Your letting your emotions effect your thinking. You are a company asset. You do not know if your brother has fallen into some type of criminal activity or has been hit by a bus. You don’t know anything at this point so don’t assume anything yet. I’m assigning Commander Hindu to do the leg work for you during your search. You and he have worked together before and he can be reliable.”

“Okay. Thank you Marcus.”

Marcus waved away my thanks. “I still expect you to handle your case work and leave the detective work Hindu he is trained for it.”

Hmmm. Needs action



I looked around the neat apartment of Charlie Kendrick. It was a tiny little space but it was kept up good. I dialed up Leon on Charlie’s computer and Leon appeared on the screen on the wall.

“What’s up?”

Leon sounded distracted and tired. I would need to work fast to wrap this shit up with Charlie so Leon could get some sleep.

“Sir. Do you have a cleaner take care of your brother’s apartment?”

Leon focused on me. “No. Charlie doesn’t like strangers touching his stuff and he doesn’t have visiters.”

I nodded and then I heard a sound come from the bedroom. “I’ll call you back Sir.” I said and reached and turned off the screen.

I had my gun in as I heard someone open the door to the bedroom and Charlie Kendrick walked out. No. This was Charlie.

I nodded to him. “Your door was open. I came by to look in on you. Leon has been worried.”

The double laughed. Shit. The fucker couldn’t even fake the laugh right. Things were going to shit quick fast in a hurry….

Hmmm looking good.

Warm Regards



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