Cyberpunk morning 2..brainstorming

Cyberpunk 2084…setting. let’s add Samuria and a job gone south of shit


To easy

I had been feeling good about this job until I looked behind me at my partner Mike Pence who was jumpy and looking around the dark alley

His gaze locked with mean. Fucker was on the shit and he was setting me up. I head butted him and kicked him in the balls.


Mike was out of it. I had him. I grabbed his jacket sleeve before I opened the door and threw him inside closing the door behind him.

I took off running. Instinct telling me to run past my transporter and make a play for the red diamond cycle on the corner. I jacked into the cycle’s link cord and I put in a universal code into the on board computer with my decker cycbor implant and the engine started.

I got on and took off down the road as I heard the rest of the assholes come out of the club looking for me.

Fucking shithead. If the fuckers didn’t kill Mike already I would. This was the second and last time I worked with a silver addict again. I had to get to my agent and find out what fucker was trying to kill me today.

Hmmm. Maybe add in ex girlfriend or ex partner or teacher. Might have a good one.

Warm Regards



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