Cyberpunk afternoon 4 brainstorming…

Just got out of work. I was thinking about this one. Okay you remember Eddie Williams? What type of magic can he and his band wield? How did they become a legendary band in Newark? What if it happened like this…



Draco Demon Spawn held my band mate in death curse spell. He had finally gone nuts.

“Well. What is your choice Bard of the King’s song?”

Mother fucker had us cornered on stage in front of an audience. The fucker was going to kill Will and blast the audience with cursed flames if I didn’t herold him as King of the kingdom of Newark.

“Eddie. We’re not fighters. Let’s do the the song.” Will said.

I looked at him wondering if he lost it. I looked at him and he winked. I slow smile spread on my lips as I turned to the others. “Time to get famous mates. Let’s show give this Slick asshole what he’s asking for. Jim on three. Gino. Hit me that rhythm we’ve working on.” I turned to Draco. “Going to need my mate up. I give you my word the herold of the Kings song will be sung.”

“Agreed.” Draco let go of Eddie and came to right Jim stood to my left. The magic started. I tapped right boot on the stage and then took my microphone in hand.

Here we are, born on the streets. We’re the princes of ancient ways. Here we belong fighting to survive in a world of mother fuckers. Yeah!

The magic exploded out of me. As felt the rush of the power raise.

“Yeah.” I screamed and the band channeled their powers together with their instruments. I focused them with my body and rocked my head as the feeling herald went out.

I could feel the moment Draco knew something was up. He roared fired cursed flames at us. I took lead.

And here are we’re Princes of the ancients ways. You’ll not stand against the might of our power. Heh!

Jim and Will played dueling guitars in perfect harmony with each other and I combined their power in to blast of lightening from my microphone and blasted the fucker to dust…our enemy was dead but we had a problem. How the fuck were we going to tell our agent that we were now the new New Kings of Newark.

The crowd roared in excitement and demanded the song again. Fuck it. Save the worries for later we had a show to do.

Hmmm…I’m half and half on it.

Warm Regards



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