Ladies. Let me confirm it. Men don’t give a damn you have a high paying job

In general no exceptions. We don’t give a damn you are a high earning bitch. If your a doctor that just means you like to solve problems.

If your a nurse that means you care about people. Telling a dude your a higher earner means shit all to us or it’s a red flag that your a feminist asshole that thinks having my kids is a waste of time.

Real talk. I’m not in competition with a female. It’s me first and then other men. Any dude that tells you otherwise is a fucking liar looking for pussy or a dick addicted dude on the low.

No wait. Fuck that. A dick addicted dude is competition with other dudes of same addiction.

So no. Your career just means your not a lazy fucker and I got one less bill to pay.

Let some beta bitch simp tell me I’m ancient old fuck. Yes I am. Now shut the fuck up and make me sandwich.

Oh…happy Easter.

Warm Regards



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