Just Brain storming part 2 female character, fantasy

Okay this part two of romantic bullshit from female’s side. Add in fantasy. Female shit.

Damn. That smile Mr. Dellmore had hit me in comfortable places all over. I couldn’t tell if he was using a charm spell on me or just being himself.

Either way I didn’t give a damn. I was bored with my current date but I didn’t want him to know the effect Mr. Dellmore had on me. “Cindy Wellspring.” I said giving him a name that was close to what I was not to sound like a lie.

He turned his head to the side. “You ready to go Wellspring?”

Not miss. He called me by name. Wellspring. I held out my hand in answer for him to take. It was also a way for me to feel out his spirit energy.

He took my hand. HOT DAMN! Energy spiked into me making me feel heaven’s kiss on my skin and radiate pleasure lick every inch and cell of my body. If this had been another time I would have jumped on him and induce him to take me all they way to blissful insanity.

I kept it together barely as I eased to my feet. Holy shit. Just like that I already knew I was keeping this mortal for myself.

Hmmm. A bit hotter then I intended but I like it. This would be a short book with two perspectives.

Warm Regards



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