There is nothing more American then a natural distrust of the government. Oh and conservatives are pussies

I am an American Highlander. I cew on iron and spit out bullets. This is the theme for how I roll. I naturally don’t trust the government.


You must be new here. Let me make it plain. The government. The United States of America has fucked me, my ancesters, my skin folk, my kin folk and distant cousins over more times then your average male senator from New York State has fucked a dude in short pants.

My skin folk are a forgiving folk. You give them some attention and resources and they’ll forgive a grip. They pour all their energy into hating on each other or shit kicking cowboys. It is what it is and all that bullshit.

Me. Not so much. I’m none conventional type of dude. You fuck with me and smile in my face I write your ass off and keep one eye behind me encase you feel in a need to hit up me from the back. I know how to aim and execute a right leg back-kick right to your balls my dude.

I hold no allegiance to a fucker that would rather piss on me then stop a fucking war that would take money out of my pocket and the lives of the young and poor. Fuck that noise.

I maybe under the thumb of government overlords but then again I’m not the one living in fear of real republic upring. They’re all fucking cowards living in fear of the people they fuck with on a daily basis.

I wonder what would happen if said rich and powerful overlords made a miss calculated step.

There is no two party system here. There is only us and the fuckers that live in fear of the people going to town on their collective asses. Young fools and suckers believe what they will. It’s not the power to vote you should value here. It’s the power to break my foot off in a Governor’s ass for fucking with my mind because the mask shit or fucking with my money because the goble war shit.

Oh. But seriously GOP conservative stable of hoes are what they are. Fucking sluts and asshoes that don’t know a fucking fight they haven’t run from or lifted their faces for Pimp Cocain Democrats to give them the Pimp hand on the face and ass.

Damn. It’s looking to be another lovely day here in shit kicking Texas. I hope you enjoy your Friday.

Warm Regards



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