Covid Mask Theories Crept Keeper Joe’s passport to buying and selling fear and freedom.

The fucking ride doesn’t end my friend.

It had to come and who better to sell it to beta bitch simps and fear enduced dunces then our corpse and chief Crept Keeper Joe.

The word is Crept Keeper Joe and his puppet masters behind him are hangling passports to traveling/buying/selling/fucking for you and I to have so that we can be patriotic to the mass numbers of dumbasses still shitting in fear about Covid. 

The Covid vaccine is a magical cure to the black plague of our time.

The government and shitheads in charge want me to take this shit seriously? Mother fucker stop fucking with my fucking mind and my money and open the fucking country up my dude. I’ll survive either way but don’t try to pimp me with the political bullshit. You lift your pimp hand up at me and you might find the shit blown the fuck off by my friends Colt and 1911.

Real talk. I’m a 21st century gentleman so don’t fuck with my private little world of friends and family. You can have your vaccine and delusional bullshit but don’t fuck with me. I’m not your slave your not my master.

Anyway it’s all just one more slice of shit that shitheads want to force into my focus away from dealing with real shit I got to get done.

Big brothers Apple, Google and corporate elites are pushing for the shit. Makes you wonder what’s in the shit and why they can’t let fuckers choose on their own to take it or not.

Remember this shit. Fuckers are okay with the government now that Big T is out so they’ll let them slip it in no condom or choice. Fucking to willing to accept a fucking collar and the boot.

I ain’t okay with it. It smells to much like some fucker in a suit thinking I’m his fucking slave. No thanks my dude. I don’t do that dom and slave shit game.

Warm Regards



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