The pussifying of the west didn’t start with ass ugly dudes in a dress. (Comedy!?)

Why the fuck is it always some ass ulgy dude in a dress on a fucking magazine cover? Who the fuck is promoting ugly as the new pretty bullshit? Why in the fuck are 5’5 shorties regarded with contempt vs gorilla looking assholes with pink hair and no tits regarded as Bad bitches?

Fuck that shit though. Nobody is looking at ulgy assholes on a movie screen let alone on a magazine cover. To my real point. The west is being pussyfied by agents of ugliness and a confederacy of dunces in office and fucking beta bitch simps under the control of low tier females that might let them rub their stank feet.

Holy shit!

I can’t stand it my dude. It’s the conflict, courage and character building are bad propaganda. It’s the fake femininity is good vs male masculine is evil. It’s the you need to conform to the current fake female moral norms horseshit.

Back the fuck up and put that shit in park. Why do I need to conform to your moral codes? To your world views. To having fake female feelings is good and I need to reject pursuits of loyalty, courage and wisdom. Shockingly, I do believe in defending the good, the beautiful and the true.


Bitch, I’m a mother fucking American Highlander. I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets. I don’t have female feelings and I don’t want to fuck a female that thinks and looks like a male gorilla in a dress and no I’m not taking about dick addicted dudes.

Holy shit.

Some females give a damn and at least try to look decent. Some females..holy shit. The best thing you can say about them is at least they don’t give you any female bullshit but then that’s only if your ass is lucky.

Warm Regards



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