Song of the day Weird Science by Oingo Boingo because 80s mother fucker

I didn’t even grow up in the 80s but the echoes of the shit poured over into the 90s so here you go.

Of course I saw the movie more then once. I have no idea which came first but I think of the movie and I hear the song.

Weird science movie review: Two gamma bitches make a hot Genie and of course they don’t fuck her. What chicka would fuck a gamma. She teaches them to be moderate level Mr. Deltas by beating the pussy out of them with magic bullshit and reality checks. They get some balls and get moderate level females on their level. The genie is a bad bitch though all the way through.

The song feels like well…weird science. A strange mixer of shit mixing together in a pot bubbling over in to some weird green mist in the air that smells of weed, cheetos, gunsmoke and hot chicka smoking a blunt.

It’s just some ass weird shit to listen to and yes I know song from beginning to end. Just like the movie.

Warm Regards



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