The problem I have with hustling gurus…the scent of bullshit

There are only two systems for gaining wealth and many subsystems around the two.

1. Sales

2. Services

Employment and self employment are subsystems of service. Your selling your time and service to a company or person in a business transaction for a set fee that can or cannot be negotiated.

I find the gigi and self employed business models only interesting as a game one can play to see how much money you can gain from an idea or service at your own rate of effort and time.

What does this have to do with gurus?

I’ve watched gurus on money from time to time but recently I’ve stopped entirely because of one factor.

The bullshit factor.

Example. One guru named SN was was questioned on the problems within the black community. He was in fact a successful Black Rambo. He said that some black folks define themselves by slavery being a part of their past and present and don’t know enough about their own history about what it means to be black biologically fuck the slavery shit.  They should stop feeling sorry for themselves and seek to gain money/happiness by hustling. He holds up a stack of real money to the camera for effect to show his point.

He used the question of course to launch into hustling that’s his lane. The first half of his answer I agreed with in part. The second half with money being happiness and holding up the stack of money is subjective + magic trick bullshit.

Unless your Scrooge Mcduck and enjoy swimming around in a pool of gold coins (to each his own craziness) we all want to use money to get shit done, have fun or destroy ourselves. Real talk.

This is the digital age my guy. I think of money in a digital sense in part. Holding up a stack of paper money had the opposite effect on me. Why? I kept thinking why do I need to see the cash I already know you got your shit together by your diction and how you carry yourself my dude.

Here’s the thing. Money doesn’t make you wealthy. Having the experience and knowledge on making the money over and over again does. It’s the knowledge plus the person. Again, a person can be wealthy there is no such thing in English as someone finding wealthy money on the street and becoming a millionaire.

Example 1: Give a bum hundred grand. Will he make a million in a year. Answer. Maybe if he had the knowlege beforehand but likelyhood he doesn’t have the knowledge. What then? He’ll be dead by the end of week if not the day.

It’s harsh but reality.

Example 2: You cannot read a book on becoming a writer if you haven’t writen daily, hourly, monthly, yearly for a decade for no money just to get your writing voice down.

The wealth guru or any guru operates on the greed of others.

Warm Regards



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