That time I wanted to be a Professional YouTuber and realized that it was a bullshit passing thought

You ever had a thought money related only to realize it was just a passing brain fart.

Brain Fart: I passing stupid thought not all reasonable or productive.

I only had the thought for a few months before I realized I hate making videos for money and I much prefer written form and podcasts a close second to my urges at creating.

I could produce a video once I had subject but most of the time it would be bullshiting and the costs of improvement never paid off. My heart could never be in it.

I am a writer and a bard. I much prefer reading blog posts, articles and books in general when I have the time. The writen word is my natural arena.

Second in pair is spoken word or as I like to think of it, a Bard’s voice. To this day that is where my heart has stored up memories of the time when I was moved to emotion and purpose by the command and enchantment of a Bard’s voice on stage.

The practice and vocation is as old as men breathing words and gathering around their clan and tribesmen to speak the stories of old and the morals of timeless virtues.

Warm Regards



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