Politics is bullshit but now I can’t even look at Crept Keeper Biden without getting a weird feeling

I don’t know what the fuck it is. It isn’t like the feeling get of seeing a beta bitch bullshiting.

The fucker is declining into the grave my dude. People that somehow can’t see it are drinking cocain Lemonade and living in a fucking American dream paradise where everything is alright.

I can’t take the shit serious. It’s not blackpill bed wetting it’s like watching a fucking puppet show and parents are smiling at you thinking this shit is interesting to see at 49 plus years of age.

Holy shit!

Real talk. You need to remember this shit because the fucking show can’t go on forever. The overlords and their agents made us watch this shit. They made us endure this shit show. Maybe, if I was dumber and brain dead on porn and idleness or just comfortably in the shit I wouldn’t care or notice.

This shit isn’t comfortable watching an old evil fucker die slowly on tv. No. I would much rather write a post, a book or be in the conflict of modern age shit storms then endure watching or accepting bullshit when I see it.

Warm Regards



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