Diary of a mad black beta bitch Roland Martin’s passive bitch speech

Yeah so Roland Martin is a beta bitch.

I found this shit out recently when I heard him talking to a 21 year old Black Rambo trying to help his tribe in the educational department.

Look the shit up. Roland’s bitch ass got the shit up on his YouTube channel. Dumb mother fucker probably still thinks he looked solid in the video. Mother fucker was more like shit flavored green jello.

I couldn’t get through the shit video of Roland interviewing Mr. Randell about his private school for black boys and his mission to empire his tribe through education. Roland’s beta bitch ass played himself by making the interview a fucking clown show with the head clown being Roland himself. A fucking joke my dude. Had my blood boiling.

Holy shit.

It was in Roland’s voice. It’s that condescending beta bitch tone. That passive aggressive bitch speech. Can’t get along. Got to start some shit with a member from your own fucking tribe. Roland was doing a lot of talking and female bullshit spells.

Something always put me off about his no neck, no balls having bitch ass.

Now. I know what it is. It’s that beta bitch tone my dude. Just hearing him rant and rave about voting and cocain Democrats vs Stable of GOP hoes. We need to support the democratics.

Fuck out of here with that noise. All talk and no balls don’t get shit done.

Another name for a beta bitch – gamma gamma mother fucking bitch.

Beta bitch is shorter though.

Come on my dude. I never wanted to punch a dude so quickly in my life.

He’s the A typical grifting self pity beta bitch Black Rambo.

Holy shit.

I can go on but this post would turn into a book. Have a lovely day.

Warm Regards



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