An Ode to Paydays

How wonderful they are. One taste. One bite.

I cannot recall my first bite of a cewy delightful dream that is the payday experience but now in these days that have gone to the dogs I find myself enjoying this delight in short pauses at work.


Peanuts are my favorite snack. I can recall the time I went to New York City and enjoyed taste of street vendor roasted Peanuts. Ah! The delight of my youth.

The Payday bar never disappoints me unlike some days when I check is light because I didn’t enough hours because for some fucking reason I can never figure out entirely. I give in a week by week basis of hustling for some bread and counting up my dollars addition is my main hubby writing being my main mental exercise.

Oh the Payday though. The Payday is my short vacation. One equals in hour of fun, two is a week long holiday.

Warm Regards



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