Why in the fuck is weird for a female want to mate to have children

Have you ever watched something on TV and thought Damn that’s weird. Then, months later or years even you think damn that was some serious mind fucked shit.

This was not so long ago.

I saw this clip on YouTube around the time Ronda Rousey got her ass handed to her in her last match in the UFC. She was on the Ellen Show.

My thoughts on Ellen Degeneres? There is no depth nor breath of a damn I could scale to reach a thought or a care about this bitch.

Anyway, Ronda was broken and talking about her feelings all that bullshit and mentioned in passing about the feeling or urge she got for her boyfriend at the time. “I looked at this dude and I thought damn I want to her his baby.”

Now, Ellen is a bush addicted rich bitch. She tries to “protect” Ronda by correcting her Urge into some other shit because in the modern west a female doesn’t get the urge to produce children. She gets the urge to work a fucking job or to earn money or to pretend she’s a big black rambo.

Holy shit.

Pause. No.

Holy mother fucking shit.

This was weird ass shit my dude. This is some simulation breaking shit.

It’s funny though. A female in this shit culture can work a job to her dying days and I childless and alone but to think about the Urge to bare children is stupid or old fashioned.

I can’t help thinking.

Holy shit. There’s some strange bullshit spells in the air.

Warm Regards



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