Updates on my book project and blog (writing craft)

It’s been three months sense the days gone dog got going.

Holy shit.

The ride has been a wild ride. I think the blog had 35 readers but now the blog is up to a hundred plus readers.

The material is the life and strange times I’m in. The comedy and weirdness of every day life.

The big book project for this year is picking up on the weekend. In slow periods but I’m putting in the words.

I plan to finish the book either in the summer or in writer’s November kiss.

What have I learned so far? When I was young I wanted to be a bard to express my self in words and pen. I was shit at it from the jump and not honest enough.

I’m writing now at a consistent rate and it’s the most honest and forthright I’ve been with curve toward bullshiting for my own sense of humor.

I just find a wide rang of shit in my life funny and I want to be honest about it. Very very few things piss me off nowadays. But, the focus for this blog is to make you laugh, smile and enjoy the ride of life. Instead of fearing tomorrow join me in my quest to embrace the uncertainty and live to take on the conflict with gusto and humor.

Save the doom and bed wetting for the black pillers and despair merchants.

Warm Regards



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