Thank you and I have a few encouraging words for you..

To all the readers and people that have come along with me for the ride of these days that have gone to the dogs I thank you and I have gift for you….

The time of change is upon us. The days of comfort and bordom are behind us.

Breath it in my friends. The scent of spring and growth. Feel the brease against your skin with the kiss of summer heat to beginning to warm our lost hopes. They weren’t lost just frozen in time until this moment.

The cold and bitterness could not last. The time of adventure is upon us.

I chuckle a little. I’ve never felt more ready for a fight. I’ve never felt more inclined for a rumble.

Listen to these words. Strive for mastery of your chosen vocation. Strive against the brainwashing of the day.

Choose life. Choose to defend what is it good, beautiful and true. Choose to hold on to the language and traditions of your nation and culture. Choose to honor your ancestors by embracing their shit kicking attitude. Choose to accept that you must be. You have to be….

A mother fucking bad ass.

Warm Regards

Guardiandogg, the bard of the interwebs and sage of dark comedy


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