An Ode to the Men of the West…

Blood and Iron flow through my western mortal body. The call for action and to defend and preserve the stories of old calls out to me in the whispers of the wind.

Pause. Strap in I hear the bard of Avon inspiring me today.

I give you no pretty lies or bullshit outs for the fight. Mother fucker we’re in it. Look down your standing one side of it.

We men of the west. Hear my call. We will win. Our battles have just begun.

Finally. Finally. I feel the rush in my blood to kick some ass.

I have motivation. You have motivation. Look around you my brother of the west. Look at what has been handed down to you. The noble virtues, indoor plumbing, the right to not live on streets mired in shit and air polluted in lies and falsehoods.

It appears now that we’re losing the fight but listen to me. I am an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and spit out bullets. The tougher it gets the more I sharpen my sword of defense and strengthen my inner resolve to fight on. I am a man of the west. I was born in conflict. Mother fucker I vape it gladly and blow out rings of cookies n cream dreams.

Men of the west. We will win. The treasures we hold are grit and shit kicking attitude loaded for bare in a 1911 and a colt 45.

Some call us arrogent. Some calls us assholes. But, fuck that nosie. We are shit kickers. We are check cashers. We are the defenders of the good, the beautiful and the true.

If you doubt me…go fuck yourself. We survived to much shit to give up now. Bitch let the party begin.

Warm Regards



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