The rules of Bad Ass Rule One: Do not tolerate disrespect

Real talk. Respect is addictive. I’m talking going from people treating you any kind of way at any given moment to….. bitch I earned my right to be here. I ain’t taking your shit.

As a man. No. As a bad ass dude you don’t let nobody put you down unless you started some shit or didn’t put in you 100 and 10 percent on the job. Excellence is what we strive for in what our hand is put to.

You own up to your shit but you don’t take no shit from any shit head or bitch or beta bitch simp for doing your best and getting shit done.

Real talk. Value yourself my dude. Bring value to every fucking thing you do so that no man will ever put you down. Own your self worth.

Respect that is earned is fucking bank able. It determines how people treat you and let’s them know they can’t fuck with you because you bring value to the fucking business or family your apart of. Don’t let no fucking body steal that shit from you or piss on it without a judgment handed down on them.

1st weapon: Go fuck yourself.

2nd weapon: I don’t have to take your shit I’m out.

3rd weapon: Alright square up asshole you just insulted my wife and kids.

A bad ass is a dude that gets his shit done and doesn’t take bullshit or female bullshit from no one.

Warm Regards



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