A study in begging: The grifting game

Always ask yourself this. What are they offering you? Can you hold it? Is there an element to the product that smells of ridiculous bullshit? The thing you have to remember is it’s all starts and is driven by talk.

I know black Rambos back and forward. Hell I used to be one until my first quickening at 16.

Black Rambos have a natural gift for the grifting game. I call it a game because it’s an agreed upon situation where if you believe the bullshit you lose your cash or your sense of individual thought.

I’ve been gifted a couple of times in my life by my skin folk. I’ve had dudes tell me I’m oppressed and take my money. I’ve had people tell me I’m a citizen of a country and take my money.

It is what it is. My skin folk are a funny folk. When they’re not working or having a good time they whin a lot about white folks and shit kicking cowboys. At the same time they are in a quick hurry to take advange of their own skin folk through money or a big whin feast about the evils of all white folks. Not all shit kicking cowboys just the ones that act like Black Rambo Whinners.

The easist grifting game is the one where you tell people what they want to hear. A lie. A pretty lie. A white lie. A comfortable lie.

The truth..well let’s just say some people will hang a brother on a tree for speaking it.

A good lie will make you some serious hundred dollar bills.

Why am I telling you this? Am I a traitor to my skin folk? Holy shit. I don’t give a fuck what a beta bitch simp has to say or think. I’m telling you this because it’s not taboo or a secret. It is another form of self pity and I can’t stand the shit.

It is no different then begging. It’s just a pretty form of it. The black rambo grifter either wants money or to feel like somebody in some way is bowing in agreement to…..

poor me,

feel sorry for me,

Acknowledge what you did to me.

Now give me money.

I don’t give grifters money or that much attention. I got rent to pay and books to write.

Warm Regards



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