The fight for the West…

I was born in the west raised in the west educated in the west.

I know no other no other culture but this one that prides itself on concepts of freedom and indoor plumbing. But we do.

You always know a true western minded individual by these two tracts. How much freedom are they willing to give up for safety? How willing are they to live in city streets mired in human and bird shit.

In the current state of my native culture some are losing their ability to care to much. Their ancesters would have shot a man for pissing on his wife and put a fucker in jail for shiting on his lawn.

These are strange and ridiculous times we men of the west live in. Yet, when times get tough it has an effect on some people of unlocking that side of us that is not so willing to be comfortably any longer.

I’ve spent most of my life in comfortable poverty now I’m of a mind to spend the later half in a state of combat ready and conflict embracing. I’m looking for swords. I’m looking to earning more. I’m looking for land. I’m looking to buy a saber and a 1911.

We men of the west had it easy for a bit. Now it’s time to fight for the things handed down to us by our ancesters. Not the comforts entirely but the grit, the gusto and the balls to pave a fucking road to nowhere and build a fucking city out of a lonely wild wasteland or island mass.

Hot damn! What a time to alive.

These years will be stuff of herotic stories of how we men of the west fought back from our failures and stupidy and won back the inheritance given to us. Battles will be lost but the war is far from done.

We men of the west. We defenders of the good, the beautiful and true. We will win the fight for the west.

Warm Regards



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