Real talk. I don’t like despair merchants.

Now I fuck around about the whole Boomer bullshit and everything else but despair or people that sell despair to people looking for hope that does piss me off personally.

Real talk. I get depressed a lot. Not your typical feeling low on a rainy day. No. I mean a feeling of energy being knocked out of me like a hammer to my face and I’ve had days when I didn’t have the energy to cry about how much of a failure I felt.

I get through it now by taking on the shit like a fight and accepting my failures and successes. Finding the means of getting on is my struggle I accept it and I enjoy the struggle because it’s better then submitting to it.

Now. Every once in a while I come across despair merchants dealing out porn and hatred of females oh but not all females just the breathing kind.

Give me a fucking break. It really does chaps my ass hearing some alpha slut or gamma asshole slinging the same old bullshit about everything going into the shit so buy a motorcycle and get a good supply of Porn on hand.

Fucking shit does get to me. Not because I subscribe to the let it burn and piss on the ashes bullshit. It gets to me because young men of the west follow this shit like it’s the secrets to happy living or how to live a fullfilling life in the dark. It’s self help beta bitch horseshit.

The dudes half the time selling the shit are trying to be helpful while taking donations and consulting fees on the side.

The despair merchants do have that confidence game to black pill sales pitch. Be a pig. Fuck females. Die and let the world burn.

Holy shit!

Holy fucking shit.

Fucking whinning big dick assholes.


Picture a fucking 6’2 alpha asshole whose fucked fifty chickas in his life and he says his grand meaning of life purpose is to fuck a hundred more and then has beer and starts whinning about how all females are sluts.

Holy shit!

Just like that I can’t be mad for long just thinking about the alpha assholes whinning.

Warm Regards



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