Late in the day but song of the day is…I like it, I like that REMIX by Statik Link Trap

This a remix of the original I like it like that by Pete Rodriguez.

The original is like hearing a bunch of Cubans having a normal night out.


If you’ve ever been in a situation where some bitch your with at the park is giving you the shit test and bitching about some bullshit just to hear herself think out loud and then you hear colorful some music playing a few feet away then you hear…


Leave the bitch and get your ass up and head in the direction of that man’s voice.


The Remix is a jump start to the day. Ribbing up the engine to get the day going.

The Statik Link captures Pete’s enegy and spirit in his remix though it’s a short clip I feel like getting it going.

It’s that feeling of fuck it let’s have a good time tomorrow don’t matter.

Warm Regards



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