Blackpillers are weird strain of assholes

Blackpillers are a recent discovery for me. Me being an old fuck I can remember when there was just two pills.

Blue pill.  Hmm. Blue balls. Beta bitch simp. Hmmm. Anyway, their the assholes that know the bullshit we’re told on tv and by people in our own tribes about the simplicity of life being democratic vs Republicans is a lie but they choose to believe the lie and force simps to comply with the lie.

Red Pill. Hmm. Red Bull. Red blooded American. Shit kicking cow boy. Bad ass. They are the people that would rather prepare for the shit storm then trust that everything is going to alright. The walking corpse in the lucked down prison house has everything under control. Red Pillers say fuck you I’m buying a gun and making my own fucking bullets.

Now we come to the Jokers.

Black Pillers. Merchants of despair. Jokers that just want to watch the world burn and blame females for it. Whinners. Complainers. Fuckers that would rather watch their house burn down with their family inside then stop laughing about it and put the fucking fire out.

Honestly though they have a real solution to the problems in the west.

1. Let it burn. (Not the song)

2. Fuck females don’t marry them.

4. Buy a motorcycle

5. Be an asshole.

6. Whin like a bitch without crying of course.

7. Laugh at the madness.

Hmm. Fuck um and their rules of despair and uselessness. At least Blue Pillers are fun to fuck with Black Pillers remind me of….

A fucking Boomer that complains about his ex-wife cheating on him after the fact for twenty years and tells other young men not to marry or have kids because all most ALL females are all monsters out to destroy your soul.

You know whose to blame for the current shit we men of the west face?

Fucking Boomers and Beta Bitch Simps.

Warm Regards



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